Adding watermarks to imagesΒΆ

Imanee Imanee::watermark($image, $place_constant = Imanee::IM_POS_BOTTOM_RIGHT, $transparency = 0)

Use the method watermark to add watermarks on top of images:

$res_jpg = __DIR__ . '/../resources/img01.jpg';
$res_png = __DIR__ . '/../resources/cat01.png';

header("Content-type: image/jpg");

$imanee = new Imanee($res_jpg);
echo $imanee->watermark($res_png, Imanee::IM_POS_BOTTOM_RIGHT, 30)->output();

It’s important to remember that only images with alpha channel can have transparency, so if you want to have a translucid watermark you need to use a PNG. Also, the transparency feature is not currently supported by the GD wrapper - it only works well when using the Imagick extension.



The opacity change must be done pixel per pixel, so it will have a poor performance on huge images. You can always save the PNG with transparency already applied, and don’t make use of the opacity argument here (should work faster).